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    Rules and Regulations Empty Rules and Regulations

    Post  Ghost Reaper on Mon Jan 31, 2011 2:46 pm

    Hacking is not allowed. If caught hacking you will be removed IMMEDIATELY!

    All members must treat each other with respect. This means there will be no insults, racism, or any other sort of disrespect towards a fellow clan mate allowed. If caught or reported of being disrespectful in these ways you will first be warned. If reported yet again you will be chat banned for a set amount of time. 3rd time will result in immediate removal from clan.

    Multi-clanning is NOT allowed. If you are in LW you may not be in other multiple clans. You must either choose between us, or them. If caught multi-clanning you will be warned to make a decision. If you are still in both, you will be removed.

    If you have an issue with another clan member, Please try to resolve it
    amongst yourselves before approaching any of the leuitenants or leader. But, do not insult the other individual or let the conversation get out of hand. If things get out of hand, contact one of our clan officers and we will resolve the issue.

    Consider the clans reputation in all actions and conduct yourself with
    this in mind. Do not yell hacker/camper/glitcher/etc in game, do not harass anyone in game,
    do not act in any way that is detrimental to clan reputation. Yes these types of gamers do annoy us but instead of letting them get the best of you, just leave the game or ignore them.

    Fight with honor, integrity and good sportsmanship. Hackers/Boosters/Campers/etc are only
    making themselves look like sh***y gamers. Feel sorry for them, they lack what skill we have to enjoy and
    actually play the game.

    Please Do Not Spam/Double Post on the threads it just makes it more complicated and cluttered. If you get caught spamming you will be warmed and if you get caught 2 times you will be banned for a certain period of time and if you get caught 3 times automatic removal from the clan/and IP Ban.

    No material unsuitable for minors. This means no nude images, no constant profanity, no pornography etc. If you post any of the sort in the chat box you will be immediatley kicked, if you continue to post inappropriate material you will be banned from the chat box; last consequence is forum ban. Same goes for any inappropriate post(s) in any thread.

    follow the rules, if you disagree with the rules, please leave the
    clan. We are in the clan to enjoy the game, have fun in the game, and to have some competative fun also.

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